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Hi Guys my names Kate Jones. Now don't you laugh but I just recently found out what the term MILF means. I've heard the American and English guys say it a bunch of times but I had no idea what it meant and then just the other day this American called me a MILF and I just had to know what he meant. I must admit at first I was shocked and wasn't at all prepared for what he said but once I gave it some thought it made me feel really good knowing I still have that look that drives a man wild. I went home to meet my friend Wein who was coming over to do some work in my yard, the entire time thinking about what that man said to me and getting hornier by the minute. When I got there Wein was already hard at work and it looked like he had been there for a while, cutting weeds and trying his best to get my yard into decent shape. It was very hot and he had already been working for a while, I knew he had to be tired but he wouldn't stop to take a break. I went outside to enjoy the sun and fresh air and to look at a magazine but my mine just kept drifting away thinking about all those times I heard guys call me a MILF. I started rubbing my legs and feet hoping he would notice but he just kept right on working as if he didn't see me. After a minute of teasing him from afar he came over and kneeled down beside me and began kissing my feet as I continued rubbing my legs. He lifted my leg and slipped off my shoe and started licking and sucking on my toes and I pulled my top down and started playing with my big soft tits, rubbing and pushing them together. Wein laid on the ground and pulled his coveralls down and I started rubbing my feet on his cock, I could tell he liked what I was doing by the stiffness of his cock. He grabbed me by my ankles holding my feet tightly around his cock and then he started moving them up and down as I rubbed and played with my tits. I reached down and began playing with my pussy as I continued foot stroking his cock, my pussy was burning up and was already getting wet. I sat up and Wein got up on his knees and we shared a passionate kiss and then he lifted my leg and started sucking on my toes getting them all nasty and wet. I leaned back and pulled my panties to the side and began rubbing my pussy and clit the next thing I knew Wein had lowered my leg and was fucking the back of my knee. He's such a horny guy and he's not shy about trying new things so I just laid there and played with my tits as I watched him fuck the back of my leg. Wein grabbed my foot, lifted it up to his mouth and started sucking on my big toe and then he reached down and started rubbing my pussy before wrapped my feet back around his long hard cock. I got up into Doggy and placed my feet back around his cock, moving my feet back and forth as he reached down and started fingering my pussy. I started rubbing one of my feet on his balls as I continued rubbing the other one on his cock and then wrapped both my feet back around his cock, stroking him off like I never stopped. Wein laid down and I sat on top of him and placed my feet back around his cock and then he stated moving them up and down as I rubbed and played with my horny pussy. I laid down and lifted both my legs up high and Wein grabbed and fucked my feet pumping his cock between them hard and fat until he busted his creamy load all over my feet and toes. I spread my big toe away from the rest and stroked his cock up and down and then I rubbed my feet together rubbing his cum on the top and the bottom. I reached down and rubbed my feet with my hands getting my fingers all nice cummy and then I started licking my fingers just as happy as I could be.


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